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SUMMARY ESTIMATED NET TO SELLER Less Closing Costs Line 26 Less Mortgage Balance Less Prorated Assessments Line 36 Approximate Net at Closing to Seller ESTIMATED BUYER S COST TO CLOSE Purchase Price Plus Total Closing Costs Line 26 Plus Total Prepaid Items Line 31 Less Credits Prorated Assessments Line 36 Less Earnest Money Less Mortgage Amount Copy Received Buyer Date Seller Agent for Buyer Agent for Seller The foregoing form is available for use by the entire real estate industry. ESTIMATED...
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Instructions and Help about sellers net sheet form
Hi guys my name is James Goggin we're going to talk about creating buyers closing costs and sellers net sheets today the first option is to click on finance and statistics from there on the left-hand side you'll see buyers closing costs and sellers machine you can click on those and you can add an address if the property is not in trend or you can add an MLS number if it is in trend that will Auto populate most of the information you need to complete your buyers closing costs and sellers nets you remember all the yellow boxes need to be filled out they are requirement your second option is to search for that property on trend from there I'm a member one line display on the right hand side you'll see a B dollar sign and S dollar something the B dollar sign is the buyers closing cost the esta s dollar sign is the sellers net sheet same situation it'll auto populate the information for you you just have to be sure you're filling out all the yellow boxes